Lotus Health Foundation

Schedule of Events

Saturday April 22nd

10:00-10:55 am
From Cripple to Champion
Location: Rochester Seventh - day Adventist (SDA) Church - 1100 37th St NW, Rochester MN 
(Open to the public)

1:00-12:15 pm
MAD, SAD, GLAD: The Gospel of 2nd Chance
(Open to the public) 

1:45-2:30 pm
Inspirational Music by Dr. Lily Pan Diehl and John Varona
(Open to the public) 

2:45-4:00 pm
Forks and Knives: Weapons of Mass Destruction or Instruments of Hope, Health, and Healing?
(Open to the public) 

4:05-4:50 pm
Q and A: Medical Panel of Lifestyle Medicine
Rochester SDA Church- 1100 37th St NW, Rochester MN 
(Open to the public) 

5:30-8:45 pm
Community of Wellness Celebration Banquet – The Blue Zones
Location: Kahler at Apache- 1517 16th St SW, Rochester MN (seating is limited, must RSVP)
(Ticketed event, registration required, limited seating)